You and Me

Life has a face and its you.  


It’s nice to finally make your acquaintance. 

I am You.

And you must be Me. 

It’s about time we met properly. 

It’s so nice to finally put a name to the face.  

We really need to have this  chat. 

I know there’s a lot going on at the moment and we usually just get in each other’s way. 

I think we can help each other. 

Hear me out. I know this might sound a little crazy but I think we can be best friends.

Seriously. Yes. You and Me, best friends.   

Just before we get started can you just check your breathing. 

How are you breathing? How does your breathing feel? 

Are you breathing?

Excellent, we’re off to  good start.  

Ok let’s check our heart. How’s does that feel? Is it beating? Great.

Do you have some water Ok? If not please grab a drink of water. We’ll need it.

Anything is else is fine also.

If we are Breathing, have a heart beat and water close by we’re on our way. 

Ok the next thing we’re going to check is the voice inside your head.

What do I sound like? Yes that’s right. The voice saying these words as you read them? Yes these words. Yes. Ok. That voice. Is it Me? Or is it You? Maybe it’s someone else. A voice you don’t recognise.

It doesn’t matter whose voice it is.

The fact is it’s inside us. It’s inside your head and it’s inside mine. Yes You and Me we have the same voice.  

Breath. check.  

Heart beat. check. 

Water. check. 

Voice. check. 

Ok fun fact. People have survived with just these things for many days. 

You can survive a few weeks until you either freeze or starve. 

So let’s check a couple more things.

Clothes. Are you wearing clothes right now?

If not can you wear some if you needed to?

Great I hoped so. You never know right?  

Food. Do you have access to food? Ok great.

I sort of guessed you would have access to food as you’re reading this with that voice inside your head saying the words out as you read them and that takes energy.

Yep food gives us the energy that keeps that pesky voice going.  

What are you feeling?

The next thing we’re going to focus on is our feeling  

Please don’t be so hard on me. I’m only trying to help. 

I am the voice inside your head that keeps a leader board of points in your relationships.

I’m the voice who tells you the future is going to suck because your partner just broke up with you.

I’m the voice that tells you you’re not good enough when you don’t get that job you wanted.  

The voice that manages your expectations and tells you you should get something in return for that favour you did. 

I’m the voice that reminds you of your worst fears and gives you hope for a brighter future.

Be nice to me, because I can make or break you

You are in control.

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