Well wouldn’t you know, I decided to have a smoke on a Wednesday. Just because I’ve stopped drinking I think I can do whatever I like whenever I like. Is this my reward or am I just punishing myself subconsciously

I’m now feeling anxious again, that “nervous/scared” feeling in my stomach, and the eyes, what is that feeling around the eyes?

This Is Why Weed Makes Some People Anxious

Is it because I feel this roadblock in my day when I have several exciting, interesting tasks ahead along with more mundane admin type tasks. Stops me in my track,

How to prioritise perhaps

Apart form that how am I really feeling.

Still flat is probably the best word.

I feel different, my life feels different.

The environment I’m in feels different

I was listening to this video this morning

The Psychology of Self-Transformation

I can’t remember the spot I wanted to save but the link above starts at “The Thought”

Change, transformation. Can it be this sudden.

Have I actually changed, or in the process of actually changing.

More of a conscious effort to exercise, the chin up bar.

Stop smoking weed? Yes no, would I be writing this if I didn’t

Does it help to explore my psyche and document the thoughts, like this. How do I write down to articulate the way life feels now?

Maslow, self actually, life mission

Morita Therapy

From 8 minutes.


Another video about

The Psychology of Self-Realization



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