Spiritual ego trap

face with eyes

Reflection of the letter

Made me feel better writing it down, whether it was too much is beside the point, it was part of the process . that’s how I interpreted it and I responded to it in a way that it came out.

So I’ve watched the matrix last couple nights.


“There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.” – Morpheus

Was in the shower just then and it occurred to me that I’m 100% happy with where I’m at now, the physical exercise is helping. The not drinking feels like a release from “the matrix” freedom. Not captured by it.

Making these associations is helping to cement the choices that I’m making.

Spiritual ego trap.


Practice what you preach.

I’m feeling better.

I know it’s continuous and takes discipline but that gets easier over time.

Form the habits as they happen,

Don’t try do to too much at once.

At the moment it’s the alcohol and the exercise.

Smoking rollies is getting to a point where I recognise the frequency is cause for concern.

This could become another habit. Promise to self. Don’t smoke rollies tomorrow or Friday.


One more, writing. I do like it, even writing these words, well typing, I learnt to type at high school on manual typewriters. Anyway.

Yes more writing.

Yes I did smoke. Pretty good first one at 9:40pm

I’m here, the beginning.

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