my feed 

sick of the shit i see on my feed 

sick of the shit in the paper i read  

the news 

the tv 

the billboard 

i plead 

does anyone listen 

does anyone need 

the endless dribble 

will the streets always bleed 

the hatred, the lies 

the money, the power 

all for the few 

in the ivory tower 

the greed fuels our fight 

the pain we incite 

on our neighbour 

our fellow 

our opinions 

our views 

Extra Extra read all about it 

sorry, I’ve stopped reading the news 

my world is my music 

the rhythms and rhymes 

the tunes and the lyrics 

I lose track of time 

Carried away in the beats 

I block out the tweets 

If you’re a cheat, I delete 

you’re a loser 

a deadbeat 

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