Hierarchy of self

Going back to the idea of structure, and along with that is the idea of “where do I fit in?” or “how do I fit in”. there is this broader understanding that we fit in a hierarchy.

I wrote this note in evernote earlier this evening

Hierarchy structure and casual conversation.  How “who” we are talking to or who we are talking about determines our preconceived (or consciouss) idea of where we fit in the hierarchy of society (well, our version of society).

We have to fit in somewhere. If we don’t fit in, we don’t see ourselves as adding any value. Contributing to “society”. Society.

The way it’s meant to be as determined by . . . this history of life, the way things panned out, come on there is a better way of saying “way things panned out”.

There is an actual person at the top of that food chain as determined by society, the evolution of us. But when we strip it back it comes down to me. Us. You.

Adding value is what we are taught we need to do. Be a respectful member of society. Someone had to take the upper hand. The yin and yang.

The game of the hierarchy, ways to present ourselves as moving “up” in society.

Status, job, house, new items

Hierarchy of self

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