Everything looks good in the brochure  

Freedom is freedom from influence

How others influence and feed your reality, being, ego and your presence in the world

who you are.  

How others make who you are and your reactions

Freedom is  not reacting 

Freedom is accepting your death 

Freedom is not being controlled by your attention 

Freedom is pure acceptance of everything that is happening as a result of how your life is 

Freedom is accepting your own imperfections 

Freedom is recognising your ego and acknowledging the duality of your ego with your self as an object

Freedom is recognising that your reality is unique and different to everyone else

Your reality is just you

No one can experience your reality

It’s just you and your consciousness

We created the voice in our head to be our  buddy

We’ve evolved to create a voice to be a partner

We are alone in our heads we accept that

Our fear of being alone in our head

Our fear of going into death alone we create safety nets to protect ourselves from our ultimate demise

Our voice is our friend

Our partner

Like any friend

When we spend too much time with them

We can become annoyed and react

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