This journaling is fun


This journaling is fun, helpful. How helpful, not sure yet, maybe it is becoming more helpful as I do it, write it, say it. That little voice in the head, saying each word, can ‘type fast enough  and you never want to say it out aloud as it is too confronting. My thoughts my life my privacy the only thing left that no one can hijack, except myself. Ironic.  

More chin-ups, I did a full chinup in front of One of the children. I think maybe I have started with a full single “hand grasp behind” 

Lets try again. 

Yep, chin over.  

1st one down. 

The walk was good, yes I had a pipe before I left, went bush, but left water behind. All good, did a good. 

I’m also finding I’m walking taller and head up. 

Listened to some good videos 

Performing Therapy On Yourself: Self-Knowledge and Self-Realization 

Freedom and Anxiety – The Inner God vs The Inner Worm 

Academy of Ideas 

Social Dilemma: Are We All Addicted Now? 

Terence Mckenna – Trust Yourself 

I was thinking about the influence of external friends when I started working at McDonalds and the impression these (only slightly older) boys. Well, I was 15 maybe 16 and I was working nights and thrown into several nights a week. 

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