Teeth brushed

skeleton brushing teeth

The thoughts buzzing around my head, constantly thinking and feeling the environment, home, the car.

In the bathroom, I know I have to write this down, then I think is this a book? It can be. This is what will carry me. It’s helping, slowly, I can feel it.

Making a conscious decision about this becoming a book has created more of a focus.

That’s right, I remembered I was thinking about the impact of the pipe was having on my feelings and thoughts. My thoughts were racier, going around quickly so I wouldn’t forget any of them, otherwise spend too much time on one thoughts and the others fade. I’m confident about my decision to pause alcohol with no clear plan except to go with. Channel the focus of staying off the alcohol to the focus of getting these words out.

The doco on Netflix was interesting, bit naff, but overall entertaining and reassuring.

The physical health benefits of giving up alcohol will be a bonus on top of the mental health benefits.  I will experiment tomorrow without any weed to see how my motivation for writing is.

I’m trying to remember something else I was going to write down and I can’t for the life of me remember.

That’s right, the chin-ups.

The bar is there, has been for ages. The time is now. That was easy. You wait.

I did several very quick sessions today but nothing worth writing home about.

once I become a bit more structured as my strength improves, I can capture values.

Anyway, this is me for tonight, that was ok. Feel good to get those things out. They are important for self realisation. Read about this more. Surely there is a book on the bookshelf . . .

Good night.

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