Everything looks good in the brochure  

Freedom is freedom from influence How others influence and feed your reality, being, ego and your presence in the world who you are.   How others make who you are and your reactions Freedom is  not reacting  Freedom is accepting your death  Freedom is not being controlled by your attention  Freedom is pure acceptance of everything …

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I haven’t forgotten about you

I haven’t forgotten about you How did it get like this Relapse. Anger Impulse However then control Review the situation Choose not to relax, I’m stronger than that It’s not about more strength and power to “win” it’s about being mentally stronger to choose not to react a certain way. “I am stronger than that.”



Well wouldn’t you know, I decided to have a smoke on a Wednesday. Just because I’ve stopped drinking I think I can do whatever I like whenever I like. Is this my reward or am I just punishing myself subconsciously I’m now feeling anxious again, that “nervous/scared” feeling in my stomach, and the eyes, what …

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