Everything you know including the people you love and the people you hate, are all a memory.  Your experience and understanding of everything that you know is a memory.   The only thing that is real and true is now.  The future is your expectation.   The past is your history.   The present and now is all …

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You and Me

Life has a face and its you.   Hello.  It’s nice to finally make your acquaintance.  I am You. And you must be Me.  It’s about time we met properly.  It’s so nice to finally put a name to the face.   We really need to have this  chat.  I know there’s a lot going on at …

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Friday, Day 7

11am, feeling ok, still a bit anxious. The feeling of the environment seems to be settling down a bit. It has been 8 days now since the incident, and 7 days since I made conscious decision to stop drinking alcohol. A couple of chin-ups here and there already today, but still a way off before …

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skeleton brushing teeth

Teeth brushed

The thoughts buzzing around my head, constantly thinking and feeling the environment, home, the car. In the bathroom, I know I have to write this down, then I think is this a book? It can be. This is what will carry me. It’s helping, slowly, I can feel it. Making a conscious decision about this …

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Well wouldn’t you know, I decided to have a smoke on a Wednesday. Just because I’ve stopped drinking I think I can do whatever I like whenever I like. Is this my reward or am I just punishing myself subconsciously I’m now feeling anxious again, that “nervous/scared” feeling in my stomach, and the eyes, what …

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Stopped Drinking 

Monday 21st September  I’d never given Tony Robbins a second of time except talking to a friend about him, when it came up. A few issues that had come up at home recently had seen me dive deeper into self-paced mindfulness especially YouTube videos and an audiobook about psychedelics, mind, and consciousness, “How to change …

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