Specify the objectives of the writing

Reminder to jot down what I was thinking in the shower last night, about not writing for a couple days but also thinking how even when nothing to write then just these words even it’s all writing. Once again, I have smoked pot and now feel inclined to write. It’s a trigger, an association which may not be due to the feeling derived form smoking pot, by just the action, the order of actions, the action of smoking, which triggers the action of writing, but then the feeling derived from smoking pushes into the corners, but breaks down the ego, to let go of the boundaries that stop us from saying what it is, even when we don’t know where to start thinking, or even if we want to think because thinking can take us into unpleasant territory of our mind and memories and feelings and thoughts.

So here we are just writing, not thinking too deep, just typing these words that describe the action that I’m doing now, the loop between my brain, to my fingers pressing the keys on the keyboard which display the letters and words on the screen then a sentence is born, it does not need to make sense, it only makes sense because we have been told to put these words in order if we want to be integrated into community, society, social and reality.

The 11 am news has just come on the radio and it is frustrating. Hearing people on the radio talk like they talk to say words a particular way to limit the understanding but also sounds like a sentence because the types of words that were put in a certain order can still sound like a sentence that has some meaning.

I like writing it does remove us from other thoughts and it feels creative and productive, do the number of words that I type regardless of what they mean, still makes me a writer? These words don’t mean anything, yet here they are, one word after another, with a space of course so we can distinguish the words and follow the words as they are written, displayed on the screen or page, or read through a device to allow written words to be spoken.

The escape the flow, and the restricted feeling of the outside world expect for the radio, the music, and maybe the rain or if the dog barks, but she hasn’t barked in a while. About half hour.

I like being out here, I am losing motivation for normal work, I need to reboot, because I smoked pot now I feel even more motivated to do work.

Yes yes yes I can do this, I can transfer this writing to other topics, the effort is thinking about the words to fit the topic, there is more or are more boundaries to consider when writing for specific objectives.

Specify the objectives of the writing.

Personal, by writing can I improve my typing skills and open my mind up to more free flowing ideas and flowing those ideas to fingers on a keyboard . . .

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