The finite nature of our existence is real

That’s right, these talks from Roger Penrose and Leonard Susskind about the beginning of the universe and the end of universe are fascinating, and in a way comforting. The finite nature of our existence is real. The idea that some things are infinite, mostly in mathematics, the singularity that Penrose and Susskind refer to and the space containing the universe, but our lives as we know have a limit. What about the atoms and particles that were us. The water part will evaporate and return to the environment as it does anyway, Don’t we create brand new cells, so does that mean all the atoms in us are completely different from how long ago?

So if our cells are being replaced and the DNA getting copied over, is our consciousness stored in our DNA, once the DNA is destroyed, is that when our consciousness ceases to exist? How do our memories and experiences get transferred to our new cells and atoms if they are being replaced all the time.

If all the atoms are new, then how is that information able to still be present after all these years, is it like saving to the cloud?.

Why do we get frustrated when we look around and see all the things we need to do, pickup after the kids whatever, but isn’t that to be expected, we’ve been fed an idea that our lives can be better than what they are, so we must be suffering because they’re telling us we are.

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