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Giulia and Johnny inaugurated the first creative hub get together, where creativity, music conversation, inspiration flowed.

We spoke about different production ideas, Short films, Features, little scenes we could film.

Let’s get to it!

Start with “low hanging fruit”, little minute projects we could write, create edit and learn from those experience to make push boundaries each time,

Use locations we have access to, use objects, props and current experiences to tell stories around.

Think small, grow big!

Involve others

Put a call out to others but don’t wait or rely on others initially to get things done, the more people initially, the harder it will be. Create a foundation to show people we are serious, and doers, and then maybe they’ll be more motivated to jump open. We start to then inspire and lead with a vision.

Current story ideas, themes

Psychological thriller / horror

Possibly starting with a couple or friends videoing each other having fun then there’s a camera  on the floor which has kept rolling

Pregnant and kicked out of home at 16

Explore producing a scene where young girl finds out she is pregnant and is dreading the public transport trip home to tell parents as she knows she will be kicked out of home.

Based on the story of Giulia’s nan in Peru

Pop’s suitcase

two family members (played by us) , and they’re turning up to pop’s house after he died to collect a few things and the granddaughter goes into the garage and finds the suitcase, the father finds her as she’s immersed in the contents, finds a letter etc.

Could be done with minimal dialogue.

Learning to DJ

  • DJ Lessons, turns up to “strange” but quirky” experience, where the DJ teacher is dressed a bit funny(I’ve got a hat)
  • So you wanna be a dj?
  • Well you’re gonna need a pair of these (respectfully shoves headphones in her hands)
  • And do you know what this is?(holds ups a record and other related props)
  • Maybe make it a bit of a Karate Kid type the

Upcoming Availability

  • Wednesday 15th November (any time before class)
  • Thursday 16th November (any time)
  • Mon 20th – Thu 23rd (could do during the day between 9am and 2:30pm)
  • Tue 28th Nov – Thu 30th Nov (All day) 

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