I haven’t forgotten about you

I haven’t forgotten about you How did it get like this Relapse. Anger Impulse However then control Review the situation Choose not to relax, I’m stronger than that It’s not about more strength and power to “win” it’s about being mentally stronger to choose not to react a certain way. “I am stronger than that.”

Living in a simulation

If we were living in a simulation would the simulation give clues that we were or is our collective consciousness influencing the simulation if indeed we were living in a simulation.



Well wouldn’t you know, I decided to have a smoke on a Wednesday. Just because I’ve stopped drinking I think I can do whatever I like whenever I like. Is this my reward or am I just punishing myself subconsciously I’m now feeling anxious again, that “nervous/scared” feeling in my stomach, and the eyes, what …

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Stopped Drinking 

Monday 21st September  I’d never given Tony Robbins a second of time except talking to a friend about him, when it came up. A few issues that had come up at home recently had seen me dive deeper into self-paced mindfulness especially YouTube videos and an audiobook about psychedelics, mind, and consciousness, “How to change …

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my feed 

sick of the shit i see on my feed  sick of the shit in the paper i read   the news  the tv  the billboard  i plead  does anyone listen  does anyone need  the endless dribble  will the streets always bleed  the hatred, the lies  the money, the power  all for the few  in the ivory tower  the …

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