Back from a break

Going from lying on the bed to a comment about not doing anything again, to offering to help to find a pillow case to being told I’ve never changed the sheets on the beds.

I don’t know if it was really feasible to carry on as “per normal”.  emotions arose, mud slinging occurred,

feeling being back = strange and not sure if I were hoping or thinking things could be ok. It’s been a bit challenging last couple of days. time will tell.

One of the children has a football game on the Sunday I would have been away so contemplating not going now.

Having said that, not sure how things will pan out in the immediate future. Looks like I will probably need to make some space here more often to make sure my partner can continue to operate as normally as possible without me “getting in the way, emotionally.”

I probably need to think more seriously about where my next home will be, as it will be inevitable that one side has to give in, and it will be easier for me to make that decision without disrupting the boys.

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